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Abstract of guideline (Richtlinie) 1/76 of the “Ministry for State Security” for processing operative procedures of decomposition, passed by Erich Mielke (Minister of State Security (Staatssicherheit: “STASI”):

Berlin, January 1976


Richtlinie (Guideline) Nr. 1/76 On the Development and Management of operative procedures


2.6. The application of decomposition measures

2.6.1. Aim and areas of application of measures

Measures of decomposition are to be directed at evocation, as well as exploitation and reinforcement of such conflicts and differences between hostile-negative forces, through which they crack, get paralyzed, become disorganized and isolated and their hostile-negative plots, as well as their impacts, get precautionarly prevented, essentialy constrained or altogether prevented.

In dependence to the precise situation among hostile-negative forces the attitude of certain people, who have relevant links, is to be influenced in such way that they give up their hostile-negative position and additional positive influence is possible.

Decomposition measures can be directed at groups, assemblies and organisations as well as individuals and should be used as an independent way to end operative procedures or in correlation with other ways of termination.

The leader of the operative units have to ensure that in political-operative necessity decomposition measures must be an indispensable part of offensive tactics.

Decomposition measures are to be applied in particular:

  • when, during the processing of operative measures, the necessary proof for the existence of a “state crime” [political offender] or other has been developed, and the according operative process needs to be closed without penitentiary measures due to political or political-operative reasons in the interest of a higher use to society.

  • in connection with the execution of criminal proceedings, in particular for destroying enemy forces and stopping the public extent of negative-hostile actions against the society.

  • for effective preventive suppression of state-hostile activity and other negative-hostile actions like e.g.

    • preventing the effectivity of negative state-hostile organizations and groups,

    • confinement of the effectivity of politically decomposing opinions e.g. of harmful actions

    • against leaders and backers of state-hostile action on operative grounds

  • against people, groups, and organizations, whose activities emanate from the dissemination e.g. promotion of political-ideological diversion and other decomposition measures against the GDR

2.6.2. Forms, devices and methods of decoposition

The choice of decomposition measures to be performed dependent on the individual subject, the aim and the exact assessment of achieved results in the respective operational process.

approved methods of decomposition are:

  • the systematic discrediting of reputation due to spreading of true, checkable, discrediting statements and wrong but believable, non deniable, discrediting statements.

  • the systematic organisation of jobwise and social failures for destroying any self confidence of individual subjects.

  • the focused destruction of convictions associated with certain ideals, role models etc and the creating of doubts about the personal angle.

  • the creation of mistrust and mutual suspicion in groups and organisations.

  • the creation, exploitation and reinforcement of rivalry in groups and organizations due to aimed exploitation of weaknesses from certain members.

  • the keeping of organizations and groups busy with their internal problems with the aim to stop negative hostile-actions.

  • local and temporal prevention and restriction of mutual relationships of group/organization members due to legal actions like workplace binding and assignment of remotely located workplaces.

In the implementation of decomposition measures are primarily reliable and approved “inofficial personell” to choose. [ see also “Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter (IM) ]

approved methods of decomposition are:

  • the deployment of inofficial personell as courier, confidant of the groupleader, supervisor, official of cognizance out of the operations area, other contactpersons etc.

  • Use of anonymous or pseudonymous letters, telegrams, phone calls etc. compromising photos of e.g. real or faked meetings.

  • focused spreading of rumors about targeted individuals, a group, groups or organization.

  • focused indiscretion or fake of deconspiration of defense measurements of the Ministry for National Security

  • order to questioning of people at state ministries or social organizations under believable or unbelievable reasoning

These measures and methods have to be adapted, differ, enhance, develop and used depending on the current operational status.

2.6.3 The approach of elaboration and execution of decomposition measures

Requirement and basis for the elaboration of effective decomposition measures is the thorough analysis of the operative process, especially to carve out appropriate connections, such as existing contradictions, differences and accordingly of compromising material.

The exact definition of the concrete goal of the decomposition measures need to be carried out on the basis of the analysis’ results.

According to the defined goal, the thorough preparation and planning of the decomposition measures have to be performed. In the preparation - insofar as necessary - ensuring the conspiracy, the deployed inofficial personell of the respective operative process need to be included.

The plans for execution of decomposition measures require the affirmation by the head of the main/autonomous devision or district/main administration respectively.

Plans for execution of decomposition measures against:

  • organisations, groups, groupings or single persons in the operating field [area]

  • people in prominent, central, social positions or with international or massive influence respectively

  • as well as in other political operative cases of particular importance

are to be submitted to me or my deputy in charge for affirmation.

The execution of measures of decomposition must be consistent and strict. This includes the constantly inofficial check of the results and effects. The effects must be documented accurately. Depending on political-operational needs, further political-operative controlling measures have to be ordered and forced.