Share your Wifi via QR code

Hey, this is going to be a short blog article. A few days ago I had a friend at my place who asked for the Wifi password. So I presented my 32 char WPA2 key and we all got very frustrated, because we had to type it in manually. After typing the key in, I thought there must be a better solution for tackling this problem, like generating a QR code. This actually works. The only requirement is that you follow a specific format:

WIFI:S:{SSID name of your network};T:{security type - WPA or WEP};P:{the network password};;

For example:


On Linux you can directly convert this string via qrencode to a QR code:

qrencode -o - -t utf8 'WIFI:S:MySweetSSID;T:WPA;P:mysecretpassword;;'

This command will directly draw a QR code via UTF8 in your terminal (I hope your terminal and font support UTF-8)


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2020-04-06 22:34 +0000